Turkey : IYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener at the group meeting

Highlights from Akşener’s speech:

* There is a martyr mother among us, I kiss her from the hands. This country is grateful to you. Welcome to the street animal protection subject. I made a promise to animal rights activists.

* I promised I would do my best to make the necessary changes in the law. I will do my best to prosecute those who torture animals according to the Turkish Criminal Code, not the misdemeanor law.

* The state mind is found in those who are aware that the government rules. Turkey for “person” in the country who will not find this wisdom. Every step is frivolous, every job is far from the interests of the nation.

* The members of this government, as they forget that they are governing the state, have not seen the troubles of our nation, and have not heard the voices of our suffering people in the waste order they enjoy the joy of their journey.

* As you and your family struggle to bring the end of the month, look what’s going on in the palace of power. Another 610 million liras will be spent for the maintenance and repair of the Presidential palaces.

* How do you know this money? You know, we have a Tank and Pallet factory, which they draw to Qataris because they can’t find 50 million dollars.

* This money is equal to 265 thousand 217 minimum wage. It is not a joke. The palace will be spent on repairs, maintenance and new buildings. Moreover, it does not end with this either. Do you know how much money was spent on buildings in the garden of the palace last year? 2 billion 845 million pounds.

* With this money, 28 thousand families from 100 thousand liras would be a landlord, even if they were small. They took the money to make our 28 thousand families home and spent them on the construction in the garden of the palace.


* These are happening in the country where a father, where a father has slept in Hatay, committed suicide in the Assembly, and that a father who hung himself in his truck saying that I cannot pay my debts yesterday.

* After the Elazig earthquake, a big-hearted trucker who said that I would carry the aid free of charge, ended himself by hanging himself on the bread boat.

* Father of given life by hanging himself to the palace could not bring bread to their homes in Turkey asking to unscrupulous can spend about 3 billion pounds; Where is justice in this? Where is the conscience? Do not these sad stories enter your dream night? Doesn’t it create you in your heart? Is your heart leaking? Shame on you.