Turkey : Kılıç, who took aggravated life after the Madımak massacre, was forgiven for the remaining punishment.

According to the decision in the current issue of the Official Gazette, the remaining punishment of Ahmet Turan Kılıç was lifted in accordance with the provision of paragraph 16 of article 104 of the Constitution in line with the health report issued by the Forensic Medicine Institute. one

Kılıç, who was sentenced to death after the events that took place in Madımak Hotel in Sivas in 1993, was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment after the death penalty was lifted.


The burning of the Madımak Hotel and the majority of Alevi 33 writers, poets and thinkers during the Pir Sultan Abdal Festivals that took place in Sivas on July 2, 1993, known as the Sivas Massacre, the Madımak Massacre or the Madımak Incident. events that result in the hotel employee losing his life by burning or drowning in smoke. Two of the demonstrators gathered outside in the Madımak Incident died.