Turkey : Last minute … go to the US from Turkey mentioned in Corona woman out!

Governor Hogan press conference a short while ago a woman who visited Turkey Corona 86-year-old was reported that the virus is detected.

The governor said to reporters that the province açıklad Game 2 tests in Corona virus which women who came from Turkey at the age of 80 is determined from them.

The governor reported that the old woman was being treated at the hospital. No details about the health status of the woman living in Harford County were provided.


According to the report in Singapore-based broadcast ChannelNewsAsia, the Corona virus test performed on a passenger who made an Istanbul-Singapore flight with THY’s TK54 flight on March 3 was positive.

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore Embassy in Turkey said that they were aware of this and are in contact on the issue.

The US is unknown whether there had been a similar notification from the authorities in Turkey.

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