Turkey : Last Minute… Terkoğlu and Kılınç arrested

Odatv Responsible News Manager Barış Terkoğlu was detained yesterday morning and was taken to the Security Branch Directorate in the Vatan Caddesi campus of the Istanbul Police Department due to the publication of the news on the news site containing the funeral images of the MIT member of the Libyan martyr.

After Terkoğlu was taken into custody, correspondent Hülya Kılınç, who signed in the news and lived in Manisa, was also taken into custody by the teams.

Kılınç, who was detained in Manisa, was brought to Istanbul by the teams. Tinçoğlu, who was brought to Istanbul, and completed his operations at the police station, was later transferred to the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan.


Defense made by Barış Terkoğlu in sentence magistrate judge;

* I knew that I would be here as a suspect long before I was taken from my house. The reason for being brought to court is one piece of news. The reason I am forced to defend here is that I am the news manager of the institution that publishes the news prepared by a journalist with sensitivity.

* 9 years ago, I became a defendant in these halls with an MİT manager. On that day, the name, surname, family name, address, identity number, photo, books in the library, music tapes of the MİT member I was tried were put into indictments and were served to the media. I argued that this was wrong.

* If there is MIT law today, there are those who resisted in this courtroom 9 years ago. The news published on the site where I am the news manager today has nothing to do with the MIT law. This news that I am trialing consists of communicating the funeral held to him after the martyrdom of a MIT martyred far away from his homeland.

* Before this news was published, Ümit Özdağ of the GOOD Party announced their names and surnames to the public after expressing the members of the MIT who died in Libya in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. They have chosen photos that will not disturb anyone even though the funeral photographs have been revealed and published them as news in the world at universal journalistic standards ”


Hülya Kılınç, who stated that she did not accept the accusation thrown on her, said in her defense:

* I am a journalist. I reported as martyrdom in the incident that occurred in Libya. I found the content of the images published in the news in question on social media. I did not shoot these images at the funeral. The news is a martyr news, but I later realized that the martyr was a member of the MIT.

* I did not act with the crime commitment. I demand that I be released. Regarding the compliance of the martyrs who are members of the MİT with respect to the principle of confidentiality, I did not see any harm in transferring to the press because I learned that citizens and state members also attended the funeral.

* I have declared in my statement that the family of the MIT martyr does not want to meet with me. They said we don’t want to explain, and I respected. However, I have not seen anything that would constitute a crime in the publication of this news. I wanted to report the incident from the martyr.

* We made news of martyrs in the newspapers I worked with and we gave a wide coverage to these issues. I just took the picture in the cemetery, found it on the social media, which shows the year and birth of the other martyr.

The judge ruled that the suspect’s detention would be inadequate due to the fact that the publication of the identity, information and documents of the MIT’s duties, activities, members and families through all kinds of written, visual, audio and electronic communication tools and judicial control provisions would be inadequate due to the severity of the crime.

After the decision, Barış Terkoğlu was sent to the Silivri Prison and Hülya Kılınç to the Bakırköy Women’s Prison. IHA

Who is Barış Terkoğlu? How old is journalist Barış Terkoğlu?Who is Barış Terkoğlu? How old is journalist Barış Terkoğlu?