Turkey : Last minute… The soldier who terrified the country was killed

An incident occurred in Thailand, a heaven of tourism… According to local media reports, the attacker named Jakrapanth Thomma, who stole weapons and ammunition from the barracks and killed a commander and 2 soldiers, then missed a military vehicle and went to a nearby shopping center.

The soldier who opened fire on civilians here killed 21 people according to the first determinations. Authorities announced that there was a 9-year-old child among those who lost their lives, and that the number of injured was 31. The injured were reportedly taken to a nearby medical center.

Before the terrorist attack, he shared photos taken by wearing military camouflage on Facebook.

Announcing the 32-year-old terrorist was killed, officials said, “The enemy has been killed. The police killed the attacker and saved 8 hostages. Some are injured. ”

The attacker took a selfie while in the mall, wrote “I’m tired” and announced it on Facebook.

While the Thai police were continuing their investigation into why Thomma had carried out such an attack, it turned out that before the attack, Thomma wrote “Revenge” on Facebook and shared photos of her clothes in military uniforms.

Thomma, who is thought to take hostage customers in the mall, broadcast the moment of attack live on Facebook. The attacker, who also shared a ‘selfie’ at 19.20 local time, wrote ‘I am very tired’ under the photo he saw while holding the rifle.

“We don’t know why you did this,” said Kongcheep Tantrawanit, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry. Looks like he went crazy ”.