Turkey : Last minute Umrah statement from Diyanet İşleri

The Presidency of Religious Affairs shared with the public the measures taken to prevent the spread of the new type of corona virus, to prevent disease and to minimize its effects.

The following statements were included in the statement of the Diyanet regarding the measures taken:

* As of Thursday, February 27, 2020, Umrah departures from our country were stopped and no travel for Umrah was allowed after this date.


* Before the aforementioned date, warnings and directions were made for the return of our citizens in Saudi Arabia to the Umrah visit, and the return dates of the requesters were brought forward.

* With 20-30 day tours, the return of our citizens, who are in Saudi Arabia and whose return is planned at a later date, is not allowed to stay longer.

* Informing our citizens, who care about the process, by our doctors and officials regarding the protection measures prescribed by our Ministry of Health.
and brochures and posters were prepared and distributed.


* During the return to Umrah, our passengers were meticulously checked by the Ministry of Health, accompanied by doctors and medical staff sent to Saudi Arabia, and were informed about not leaving their homes for 14 days and not accepting guests.

* All the passengers returning from last night by our Ministry of Health started to be placed in separate rooms with the quarantine logic in the student dormitories of the Credit and Hostels Institution in Ankara and Konya for precautionary purposes. The suspects are taken to the hospital and tested.

* Our Presidency has been working in cooperation and coordination with all relevant institutions, especially our Ministry of Health, in line with the instructions of our President since the beginning of the process.