Turkey : Last minute… We killed 52 soldiers in two months in Syria

Syrian army attacks on the southern Idlib, Turkey remains under siege led to the observation point was established as part of the Astana negotiations.

Upon this, the Ankara administration started to send reinforcements to the region. There were attacks on the Turkish Armed Forces convoys who went to the observation points in the region.

Since the January 1 from Idlib into a serious crisis between Turkey and Russia in recent weeks martyrs news coming in succession.

Today, President Tayyip Erdogan announced in a statement made at noon today that three Mehmetçi people were martyred in Idlib.

By midnight, it was announced that the regime forces shot members of the Turkish Armed Forces in the town of Bilyun, southwest of Serakib.

As a result of the attack of Bashar Assad forces, 33 soldiers were martyred and 32 Mehmetçi were injured.

With this development, the number of our soldiers who have lost their lives in the Syrian territory since the first hours of 2020 has increased to 52.