Turkey : Last minute… Will the school holiday be extended? Minister of Education replied live

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered questions about Corona virus (Covid-19) measures on CNN Turk screens.

Highlights from the speech of the Minister:


* We follow the process with the Ministry of Health. I am aware that this uncertainty disturbs, but it has a process. The decision will be made based on the data.

* We do not have any educational deficiencies in opening schools. If it is said tomorrow, we will start tomorrow, but this is completely health related. We are in constant contact with the Minister of Health, we will meet again this week and provide the necessary information.

* Although schools never open, we have a plan for it. We have a finished package. We think of every possibility.

* We have preparations for compensation. First, we want to protect the health of our children in physical and mental issues, and we think that we will complete compensation in education in every way. Of course, we do not say that distance education is sufficient here. Our students will take the exam only for the subjects they are trained face to face.


* What we call distance education is television content. Internet applications are secondary. Some minor problems may occur on Monday, but will be addressed starting on Tuesday.

* We had announced the class hours before. These lessons will be 20 minutes each, because it is not possible to sit in the house for 40 minutes.

* Parents are asking, “Is this enough?” I mean, of course it is not enough, but with the compensatory work we will do, the deficiencies will be completed.