Turkey : Latest situation in June 10 corona virus: Has the number of cases increased in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir?

Health Minister Fahrertin Koca announced daily case data in the corona virus outbreak. Making a statement after the meeting of the Scientific Committee, Minister Koca warned about taking care of the mask, distance rule and hand hygiene. Minister Fahrettin Koca also shared the latest situation from the provinces. Here’s the latest on June 10 corona virus in Turkey …


The Coronavirus Scientific Committee convened at 17.00 for new recommendations to be taken within the scope of combating the Corona virus epidemic. After the critical meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made statements.

Explaining the current corona data at the meeting, Koca said, “According to today’s data, there are 922 new cases. The number of people who lost their lives today is 17, a little more than yesterday. The number of people recovering is 2 thousand 241. Our total number of tests is 36 thousand 521. The number of patients who continue to be treated in intensive care unit is 631, the number of patients intubated and connected to the device is in a decrease compared to yesterday. ”



On reminding of the increasing number of cases in the future, Minister Koca used the following statements;

Especially, we know Istanbul, where the number of cases is 60 percent. I can say that the number of cases in our provinces such as Istanbul and Izmir has decreased and that these provinces are more controlled. Especially after June 1, we can say that there has been a partial increase in Central Anatolia, East and Southeast Anatolia.

In Diyarbakır, we see an increase in the last 3-4 days, up to 100 cases. Here, we see that there is an increase after activities such as cultural, social and engagement, rather than a general increase.

-We are especially concentrated on our filimation works here. I would like to remind you that we must act strictly at the point of measures.

-It was in an uptrend in Ankara as well, it has been on the decline since today. We saw an increase in two factories and one settlement in Konya, but we can say that there is a decrease as of today.

I would like to remind you that we should pay attention to the distance rule and the masking of everyone in social and cultural activities.

Minister Koca announced the average age of new cases!Minister Koca announced the average age of new cases! When will the flights start? Have domestic and international flights started?When will the flights start? Have domestic and international flights started?

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