Turkey : Mansur Yavaş: What happened in Elazig should be a lesson for us

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş spoke in the program presented by Saygı Öztürk on KRT TV. Emphasizing the unity and integrity in the country with the earthquake in Elazig, Yavaş used the following expressions;

* Everyone is there after the earthquake in Elazig. I would like to thank all of them without leaving anybody.

* This is a very important event. Such times are our unity; but will always unite us? Only the pain should not unite us.

* We have no quarrel to argue. I can say this especially for Ankara; We are selected people, we have responsibilities towards the public.

* After election, politics is over. We have a responsibility to everyone. We charge taxes from everyone, we serve everyone equally.

* This event in Elazig should also be a lesson to us. We must be together not only in pain, but also in joy. We must come side by side in every event.

Criminal complaint from Yavaş to Gökçek periodCriminal complaint from Yavaş to Gökçek period


Emphasizing the need to act in unity and integrity, Yavaş continued his words as follows;

* Everyone who uses discriminatory language will lose. We must now abandon this language. We must admit that we are all brothers.

* Could there be such a thing now; This is the party of the survivor in the earthquake, the party of the incoming municipality. These are events that the devil will not think of.

* Just as they do not come to mind when removing one of the debris gold, they should not be considered when serving in normal life.

Referring to the gathering centers in Ankara, Yavaş said, “Urgent meeting areas of Ankara are on our website”.

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“A person who cannot PREPARE THE RESULTS …”

Referring to the work of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, Yavaş said: “The friends in the city council are well-intentioned friends but a person who cannot digest the election results rejects our motions. They make such a decision so that we can fail. ”

Touching on the metro works in Ankara, Yavaş noted that they started working to extend the sewing station subway by 6 stops.

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