Turkey : Minibus carrying irregular migrants crashed

The accident collided with a 50 MA 0332 license plate minibus, under the direction of Mahmud Al Ahmed, at Örnekköy location of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway, and 34 RD 572 license plate drivers whose identity has not been determined yet.

According to the information, 21 Syrian irregular migrants, including 11 children, were injured. It was determined that 5 people were seriously injured and 16 people were slightly injured in the accident. The car driver was lost in the accident while the life market was experienced. Upon the notice of the citizens passing over the highway, the medical teams and police teams determined that 21 people were injured in the van and that they had children. Police teams started work to find the car driver who fled after the accident. After the accident, the minibus driver was detained.

The injured trapped in the van were rescued by the work of the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate and the health teams that were dispatched to the scene. Wounded by ambulances were taken to Kocaeli State Hospital.

An investigation was launched into the incident. IHA