Turkey : Minister Bey’s blunder! – Sözcü Newspaper

The number of cases and deaths are increasing rapidly.

coronavirus the epidemic took the country under its grip.

What do those who lead us do?

They tell the number of people who died and died by giving numbers like a match.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca “The dead are old” he made a strange statement.

What kind of understanding is this?

One MinisterHow can he not think that with such an explanation he is doing more harm to society?

Now young people:

“The dead are somehow old. The Minister of Health confirmed this. So there is no danger to us young people ” he will give it away and the people will die by dropping!

Great management and great management (!).

Get love Minister of Health’na!

This virus does not distinguish between old and young… It destroys everyone who can afford it. Only the death rates in age groups are different!


As for the curfew imposed on those over 65 years old…

This too Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu ‘A strategic mistake of…

If it was forbidden, everyone should come!

The spread of the virus cannot be prevented by making such a distinction in society!

The virus also kills young people!


Isolating the elderly from the society and shortening their living spaces plague treatment doing is not precaution, but not knowing social psychology.

Who will care for the elderly, how will their needs be met? Helping some people over 65, a small number of retirees and distributing photos of them “We meet every need of our elderly” is deceptive.

People, especially the elderly, need transactions or shopping in many places such as pharmacies, health institutions, bakeries, markets, market bazaar.

The ban imposed on all of these without calculating and taking the necessary precautions. “Stay home, die at home!” Are those who interpret in the sense of wrong?

Even the banks “Don’t let our depositors over 65, don’t take action” they say. There have been many complaints about this issue.

“Do not come to our bank, we do not take your action!”

I had a lot of complaints about banks from my readers.

Meanwhile, friends telephoned.

Before “Press Honor Card” our veteran journalist friend Aydin Ozturk by calling “İş Bank ‘in the message that came to me In Our customers over the age of 65 will not come to our branches, we will not take any action ‘ Called. What the hell is this? Is a senior audience that should be respected humiliated like this? ” said.

Then Adana’from Ekrem Kandemir called:

“İş Bank to me Meyin Don’t come to our branches, we don’t do your transaction. ‘ that SMS sent the message. I can’t get my pension. How does this work? They pushed us out of society like a plague. As a citizen, I was embarrassed for them. ”

There are many complaints in this matter. Does it suit husband Isbank?

First death in Bodrum!

Basement’in from the coronavirus it was the first death case. Little Bendabout two weeks ago Istanbul’A person from has died.

Immediately after the first death case Gundogan‘On Sea Horse SiteTest of a person who had fever and breathing difficulties was positive.

Patient America‘from Basementhad come to. Gundoganhad a summer house in.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, immediately disinfected the house where the disease was seen and to all citizens:

“Basement’The 17 intensive care units that are also available are full of other diseases. Until this epidemic ends, Basementnot to come to Turkey is for their own benefit. ”


Management’s mistakes determine the future and fate of the nation!

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