Turkey : ‘No more officials came to these regions in Elazig’

Speaking to SÖZCÜ, Yeşil said:

* We are in cemevi tonight. The majority of people live in cemevi, at Elazig Cem Culture Foundation. First of all, I wish God’s mercy to all our dying people, I wish patience to their relatives, and I wish our patients a very urgent healing for the injured.

* We saw that, unfortunately, we were very inadequate in earthquakes in Elazig, we are as a society. Transportation was provided very late in many places. We encountered serious problems.

* For example, today is the second day. No other officials came to these regions in Elazig, they asked us about our situation. We go and ask, we investigate.

However, we directed the aid to the Alevi Foundations Federation to AFAD and the municipality. Because urgent needs must be met there as soon as possible.

* We now need blankets in particular. I called the disaster manager Osman. They said they would send it to us, but it was the second day, but it still hasn’t arrived.

* We need a serious tent here. Because people are afraid, they can’t get in, they can’t sleep inside, it’s always on the streets.

* The weather is very cold, so we definitely ask the authorities to take some care to the upper neighborhoods.

Elazig statement from AFAD: 505 aftershocks occurred!Elazig statement from AFAD: 505 aftershocks occurred!

CHP councilor Cafer Yeşil. PHOTO: Spokesperson Elazığ Reporter Evren Demirdaş

Elazig Governorate announced that it will meet the blanket needs for citizens staying at Elazig Cem Culture Foundation in the center of Yıldızbaglari neighborhood.

It was stated that after the news of ” No more officials came to these regions in Elazig ”, the need for blankets that are not sent to Elazig central Yıldızbaglari neighborhood and different regions will be met.

CHP Elazığ Municipality Councilor Cafer Yeşil said: “Our Elazig Governor Mr. Çetin Oktay Pavement called me and said that our needs would be met. Thank you for the sensitivity of our governor. ”