Turkey : No one could intervene on the ground with the virus concern

The incident took place on Genç Caddesi in the city center. According to the information received, 55-year-old R.D., who was learned to have epilepsy, fell on the pavement by seizure.

Citizens saw the person in Turkey in recent days, a little more with each passing radiating corona virus and he told the medical team by not fearing intervention.

Those moments of the citizens who watched the situation by waiting far away were recorded with a mobile phone camera.

The medical teams, who came to the scene by ambulance in a short time, referred the person to the public hospital. It was learned that the person’s health was good.

Mehmet Balat, one of the shopkeepers who saw the incident, said, “A citizen passed out here. But because of these outbreaks, no one approached, we called 112 and took them away. Nobody approaches anyone because of this disease, and that fear is in everyone. ” (IHA)