Turkey : Now I am the deputy of the nation in the streets where I play hide and seek

One of the youngest deputies of the Turkish Grand National Assembly… The great-grandfathers came from Batumi centuries ago and today settled in Bartın, the ancient city of Parthenia, 58 percent of which is a nature paradise covered with forests.

He is the first and only woman parliamentary elected from Bartın, the youngest deputy of the CHP and who Fatih Sultan Mehmet added to the Ottoman lands in 1460. Aysu Bankoğlu, 31, described her childhood on Bartın streets and her approach to life by recalling Atatürk’s aphorism that “All my hope is young”:

“Whenever I get the chance, I am telling my projects to Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu,” said CHP deputy Aysu Bankoğlu.


* We come from a merchant family, I grew up in Bartın as the only child. My childhood passed on the streets of Bartın. We used to play games such as dodgeball and hide and seek. After secondary school, I attended youth camps in the summer. Then, with the term of the camp, I became ‘coach’.

* I led these programs. I discovered my ability to change inside. I made my first speech in front of the community there, I took responsibility, I earned my first money. I completed my master’s degree in Koç University Faculty of Law and Public Law.

Aysu Bankoğlu is an animal lover. Cycling, hiking, tennis and skiing are among his favorite sports.


* I dreamed of being a politician, but there was no politician in my family. When the faculty was finished, I started working. I decided to knock on the door of politics in one day.

* I learned that CHP will make a preliminary election in Bartın in general elections. I went to Ankara the next day and applied. I did not inform my family that they would try to discourage them.


Aysu Bankoğlu said, “In politics, life is as important as age. The pre-election, general election, referendum and local election process is worth 20 years in my political life.

It is a special feeling to be among the youngest deputies of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. “Young people represent freedom, innovation, humor, observing other lifestyles, and development.”

“There’s no work I can’t do,” he says.

The political style in the Turkish Grand National Assembly is often discourteous

Bankoğlu install saying that some roles of women in society, “Being a woman in Turkey has never been so difficult. The policy is even more difficult for the woman. There is a style based on brute force in the Assembly. ”

Aysu Bankoğlu said, “It is proud to be Bartın’s first female deputy,” and continued as follows: “The responsibility is just as much. You should be a successful role model for increasing female representation, and you should be able to inspire and inspire young people, especially girls, with ‘you can do whatever you want’.

This requires giving up individual preferences for the benefit of the society, because of the role that society places on women, this responsibility pushes women even more than male politicians. Being a woman in Turkey has never been so difficult. The humiliating and marginalizing discourse used by the government for 18 years has become almost normal.

This is an oppressive and disrespectful discourse. The political style in the Turkish Grand National Assembly often has an unkind, or even brute, style. Proxies who have made the change, courtesy and respect an integral part of his personality on this matter must provide. ”


Emphasizing the need to switch to the parliamentary system, Bankoğlu said, “The society needs hope and change. Change will begin with a return to a strong parliamentary system and a transparent management approach. We have a responsibility like a system in which democracy is not just a word. ”

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