Turkey : On the way to the avalanche area, he called his mother and asked for halalness!

In the avalanche disaster in the Bahçesaray district of Van, the gendarmerie expert Corporal Ufuk Deniz was martyred as a result of an avalanche on the military vehicle that went to the area for reinforcement. The painful news of the martyr was given to the house of 23-year-old Gendarmerie Expert Corporal Ufuk Deniz, the father’s quarry of Kastamonu, at the command of the Van Provincial Gendarmerie Command Çatak-Kayaboğazı Patrol Command. While the bitter news was reported to the martyr’s father Recep and his mother Behiye Odun, it was learned that Martyr Ufuk Deniz was single.



It was learned that Martyr Gendarmerie Corporal Ufuk Deniz called her mother in the morning and asked for halalness before going to the avalanche area. Speaking on the phone with his mother, Martyr Ufuk Deniz said, “We are going to the avalanche zone to save our citizens. But there is no phone call, don’t worry if you can’t reach me, I’m fine. ”

The Turkish flag was hung in the martyr’s house. Many citizens went to the martyrs’ house and made condolences. Tosya District Governor Deniz Pişkin and Tosya District Gendarmerie Commander Lieutenant Mehmet Akgül visited the martyr’s house and wished condolences to the mother and father.

“I wish mercy to our martyrs, condolences and patience to our family and our nation,” said Tosya District Governor Deniz Pişkin. (IHA)

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