Turkey : Police raid on associations that do not comply with the ban in Beyoğlu

According to the information, a police officer at the Beyoğlu District Police Department realized that many people entered and left the buildings where the Siirtlı Aid Society and the Kuşçular Aid Society were located on the Kameriye Hatun Caddesi in Hüseyinağa Mahallesi.

Thereupon, the teams affiliated with Beyoğlu District Police Department raided the building where the associations are located. In the raid, the police found that there were a total of 20 people in both associations.


Although the activities were stopped within the scope of the corona virus measures sent to the provincial governorships by the Ministry of Interior, the ban-piercing associations were sealed by the police.

Administrative proceedings were carried out on 20 people in associations on the grounds that they opposed the circular. DHA

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