Turkey : Power is also difficult! – Sözcü Newspaper

Sometimes I think that the job of power and supporters is really hard.

– Think they have to defend the arrest of journalists.

– The problem has become so widespread and the political influence on the judiciary has become so obvious that it is no longer “They are not journalists” nobody respected the justification.

Moreover, journalists who were arrested and detained are the names of prisoners who were the target of FETÖ in the past, from OdaTV and Ergenekon cases. If I were a member of the government, FETO members watched the arrest of those journalists by rubbing their hands and “This government has completed what we cannot complete” I thought you said, I would be nervous.

This is not only. I would laugh before I was put in prison for the Peace (Barış Terkoğlu and Barış Pehlivan) I want / defended, “It lies again, it comes out again, we write again” I would be nervous to say. “The men are not afraid” I beat my knee.

– Think about it, March 5‘T Moscowwhat’s happening in “victory” like they have to offer.

Whereas, President Tayyip Erdoğan, Assad‘a February gave time to the end. Until that date September 17, 2018 (Sochi Consensus) if they are not drawn to their limits Turkeysaid he would do what he needed. Whereas Moscowleave in Assad‘of Sochi He accepted the withdrawal to his borders as the ceasefire line, which is much further north and west. This was not enough until the Syrian opposition’s hands. M4 highway Russiagave way to control. 33 On the day we martyred our homeland children, Serakib also Moscow‘in Assadwas left to.

Despite these concrete results “We returned from Moscow with victory” Isn’t it hard to defend your view?

– Think about the words they often use “Insult”, “slander” and “Don’t refer people to hatred and hostility” they have to defend that it constitutes their crime.

President Erdogan last week at the group meeting CHP leader Kemal KılıçdaroğluWhile targeting ‘he said: “Turkey’s fight against the continuous no matter where each employee who is despicable lies staining with sedition, is dishonorable, dishonest, is a traitor is low.”

Erdoganwords used in this sentence, then a CHP member (Engin Özkoç) in the same order Erdoganused against. The ruling broke the apocalypse. The judiciary acted immediately. CHP to “Insult”, “slander” and “public hatred and encouraging hostility ” directed his charges.

No one can make me believe that words that are ignored when someone is using them will be considered a crime when used by someone else. However, they have to defend it.

– Think about it, we “Ansar”we said immigrants “emigrant”. Despite all the criticism of the opposition, since 2011, we have defended the right and law of the refugees, spent billions of dollars and embraced more than 4 million refugees. 9 years throughout “We are ensar, they are immigrants” ruling, February 27since “Let go,” you have to defend your decision. Someone for me “If you could say ‘let go of anyone’, why didn’t you say years ago but you spent our $ 35 billion” I would have a hard time finding the answer.

There are dozens more examples. Isn’t it difficult for you to work for those who have to defend the actions of power and power?

The camp we all jumped

We, the journalists, had a hard time last week. On the one hand, investigations and arrest warrants for our colleagues, on the other hand, Moscow We dealt with the results of the summit. I learned from a friend that when we were busy with them, Ali Babacanpioneered, 11. President Abdullah Gülfounders of the party backed by Ankarain a hotel in. For two days, members of 24 working groups, possible founders’ committee members came together and gave the party program its final shape.

Most probably Wednesday, March 11, 2020 day, if there is no significant development first Fatherly will make a statement, then the petition of the founding of the party Ministry of Interiorwill be given to. Let me give an interesting detail: The Board of Founders will not be very large. Ahmet Davutoğlu‘S Future Party‘In 154 there were people. Fatherlyat the party 80 There are founders around. Another detail is the quota of women and youth. 50 will be around.

I did not even get a clue to leave my questions about the new party’s name and logo.