Turkey : Rapid growth in the automotive market in the first 2 months stopped in March – Sözcü Gazetesi

With the effect of the intense demand in the first 2 weeks when the corona virus epidemic was not fully felt, the sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles in March totaled 50 thousand 8 units. This is only 1.6 percent compared to the same period last year, while the net effect of the outbreak is expected to emerge with a dramatic fall in April. However, this result in March ended the rapid growth of 90 percent in the automotive market in the first 2 months, and the growth declined to 40.6 percent after 3 months.


It is clear that there will be a dramatic drop in sales in April due to the pandemic. Because there is neither a vehicle nor a demander due to a break in production. If the process is prolonged, I hope it will not be lost this year, and the market may decrease from the optimistic estimates of 800 thousand at the beginning of the year to 350-400 thousand. This is not mine, but the opinion of industry officials.


On the other hand it should be remembered that in March corona experienced dramatic declines in countries literally feel the effects of the virus also an important indicator for Turkey. In March, sales fell 86 percent in Italy, 72 percent in France and 69 percent in Spain. The impact of the pandemic in April to the middle of similar losses experienced in Turkey was felt in full.

Big decrease in France automobile sales in March!Big decrease in France automobile sales in March! Automobile sales in Italy decreased by 86 percent!Automobile sales in Italy decreased by 86 percent!