Turkey : Reactions to Erdogan’s speech being distributed to high schools as a book

The speech text of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s words, “The biggest trade in our country has been Atatürk and the Republican trade for years” at Atatürk’s 81st Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony on 10 November 2019. “Commemoration of Ataturk Book of Ceremony” Distributed to high schools under the name drew a reaction.

Stating that there has never been such a history in the history of education Eğitim-Sen Ordu Branch President Sezgin Yılmaz; said:


* The booklet also contains the propaganda of a political party. The CHP administration is also criticized by calling it “single party power”. There are also very negative sentences about the Letter Revolution, as well as zeroing the literacy rate.

* It is told to high school students with all the details of the defense industry. War sales of helicopters, weapons and even the Tank Pallet Factory, which is a political agenda item, are mentioned. This attracts high school students to the focus of politics. However, what might a student in high school have to do with these issues? We find it difficult to understand why MoNE did such a study. Although there are praising statements about Atatürk and the Republic, there is a much stronger Ottoman praise behind it.


* There is no problem for the President to explain all this. However, the distribution of a completely political speech made for high-level political interlocutors to high school students as a book in schools directs students ideologically. There are also students who take and read. There are also those who leave the queue without reading. We think it will lead to confusion. Our students should be interested in education and lessons, not politics.

They made Erdogan's reaction on November 10 speech and distributed it in high schools.They made Erdogan’s reaction on November 10 speech and distributed it in high schools.

Some sections of the Erdogan’s speech in the book are as follows:

“We work day and night to protect the Republic and to be worthy of those who entrust the Republic to us. Hopefully, we are determined to bring our country to the 2023 goals and raise it to the world’s milk league. As I always say, understanding and remembering Atatürk is like that. ”

“Military vehicles such as Atak, Gökbey, Bayraktar, Anka, Akıncı were produced. Work has begun on the construction of heavy-class attack helicopters. Those who fill in the contract for the transfer of the right to operate in the Tank Pallet Factory in Sakarya are unaware of what other issues mean, even if they leave. If you pay attention, those who exploit this business day and night, what is the sale, what is the transfer of the business? How and under what conditions did this factory work before? He is not concerned with what he is going to do now. Because they have no such problems. ”

“Just like Ataturk abuse, Republic abuse, they have found a way of abuse in this matter, and they continue from there with their eyes closed. However, if they look around, they will see the facts. Of course, if it is dazzling, it is not for others to face the truth. They misali ostrich burying his head in the sand, because every place they think dark, Turkey is not so. We work day and night to protect the Republic and to be worthy of those who entrust the Republic to us. ”


“The biggest trade in our country for years is Atatürk and the Republic trade. We did not abuse the word, we tried to give it just with our actions. Turkey is 3 times what was done was done in the entire history of the Republic. “

“Despite all the troubles experienced by the Ottoman, he made very important moves about weapons in his last period. II. The modern gunpowder, firecrackers, and ball factories built by Abdülhamit Han in Istanbul have been inherited to the Republic. There is such an accumulation behind the arms industry that spread throughout Anatolia, especially Kırıkkale in the Republican period. ”

“Single-party period Demirağ aircraft factory established in Kayseri Nuri Nuri Killigil out with initiatives such as the arms factory had been established in Istanbul, Turkey today would be in a different place in the defense industry. Despite everything, we have almost reversed the foreign dependency of the defense industry of our country in 17 years, inspired by this legacy of the ancestor. ”


“We took domestic production from 20 percent in the defense industry to 70 percent. Turkey in 2002 with a total budget of just $ 5.5 billion with 62 defense industry projects. Today, Turkey has a total budget of 60 billion dollars, and soon found the 700 project, which will reach $ 75 billion, has become a worldwide player. We crossed the critical threshold in this area with the Hisar missile system and we were ready to develop the long-range air defense system, which we call SIPER. ”

“We put our fourth production, which is our own production, into service in the past months. Our Anatolian landing ship, which is under construction, will be one of the few works in the world in its field. It is a huge lie that the Ottoman Empire was not in the arms industry. It cannot be as ridiculous as claiming that the Ottomans, who did not spend a single day without war during the 600-year reign in our geography, were not arms industries. ”


“Thousands of years of history, our last state in the continuity of the Republic of Turkey and we exit with its founder, is of course our duty. However, while doing this, it should not be unfair to the past, especially to the Ottoman Empire. Here is how to defend the surface. ”

“At every opportunity he finds, such a tough struggle cannot be carried out with a sickly understanding who complains about his country abroad, feeds on his own history, and looks with hatred against his own civilization. So much so that we gave up the support of our mentality holders to our struggle, we just came to the point of “Don’t shadow, no other favors.”


“Our nation sees all the events, it knows who is standing where very well. I firmly believe that our nation’s appreciation will take place in the direction of keeping everyone in the place it deserves, as it has been until today. We broke the sneaky game, putting the economy on track. ”

“In Syria, we have secured more than 8 thousand 100 square kilometers of terrorist threats against our country. Not only that, we also created the grounds for Syrian refugees in our country to return to the regions we made safe. ”