Turkey : Real unemployed 6.5 million

Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK) does not reflect the statistics give up the search for work for various reasons, reducing the labor force participation rate and the number of unemployed job seekers because it provides the lowest rise in unemployment to the lowest display.

In the report prepared by CHP Chief Advisor and Istanbul Deputy Erdogan Toprak and presented to CHP VQA, “It is revealed that the number of real unemployed people is 6 million 571 thousand people and the real official unemployment rate is 20.9 percent. As of October 2019, TURKSTAT announced the unemployment rate as 13.4 percent and the number of unemployed as 4 million 396 thousand ”. The report made the following determinations:


“According to the figures, the number of people not looking for a job is 11 million 404 thousand in September, while this figure increased to 11 million 549 thousand in October. In a month, 145 thousand women decided to quit their workforce, stop looking for a job and become a housewife. In a year, this number increased by 632 thousand people. “If 145,000 women stopped seeking jobs in the past month and did not participate in the labor force, the number of unemployed would be more than 145,000 in October, and the unemployment rate would not drop by 0.4 percent in September compared to September.”

4 weeks brought the limit

In the report, it was emphasized that while TURKSTAT counted those who were ready to work in the last 3 months, who were looking for jobs but could not find them, unemployed, this period was reduced to the last 4 weeks.

“So those who haven’t been looking for a job in the past 4 weeks are no longer considered unemployed. This was another way to show the number of unemployed low. When we put aside the TUIK’s account games and evaluate the unemployed seekers and the unemployed unemployed, it turns out that the number of hidden real unemployed people is 6 million 571 thousand, not 4 million 396 thousand, and the real official unemployment rate is 20.9%, not 13.4%. ”

Erdogan Toprak

No such thing has been seen so far

According to the report, according to TURKSTAT, the number of people of working age has increased by 915 thousand in the past year, while only 82 thousand have announced that they have joined the workforce. It is not something that such a situation, which has not been seen in any of the previous years, has suddenly emerged, although 833 thousand people are at the age of working and prefer to stay idle. ”