Turkey : Sad event in Ankara… 75 years old, under the vehicle

Hüseyin Atik (75), who has a curfew in Ankara Altındağ due to his age, went for a tour in one of the most crowded streets of the district. Atik, who wanted to cross the street while walking, was under the concrete mixer while trying to cross the pedestrian crossing. It was determined that the elderly man died as a result of the checks of the health teams who came to the scene upon the notice of the surrounding citizens.


On the other hand, it was learned that Hüseyin Atik, 75 years old, who died after a traffic accident, was warned by the teams in the morning, reminding them that it was a curfew for people over 65 and chronic illness. (IHA)


The first corona virus cases in Turkey, Fahrettin husband on March 11th by the Minister of Health announced at 01:00 midnight. With a case announced on March 12, the total number rose to two. This figure increased to five on March 13, to 6 on March 14, to 18 on March 15, and to 47 on March 16. The number of cases in Turkey reached 98 on March 17, the first death news came on the same day.

On March 18, the number of casualties rose to two, and the number of cases to 191. On March 19, the picture started to get heavier. The number of people who died due to the Corona virus was four, and the number of cases increased to 359. On March 20, the number of casualties rose to nine, and cases rose to 670. March 21 was the day of the greatest increase in the number of deaths. The number of casualties increased by 12 compared to the previous day and increased to 21. The number of cases was announced as 947.

According to the latest information given by Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca last night; As of March 22 the number of those who lost their lives due to corona virus in Turkey climbed to 30. The number of cases was determined as 1236. Ministers husband, also announced that a total of 20 thousand 345 tests were carried out in Turkey.