Turkey : Sample movement from Çankaya Municipality! – The latest news

The number of cases in Turkey increased corona virus, was almost too late Ankara Cankaya Municipality vigilance. Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, who said to the citizen: “You stay at home, you have a municipality,” talked about their efforts to combat corona in Çankaya.

“We will survive these difficult times with the spirit of solidarity, solidarity, unity and solidarity,” Taşdelen called for Çankaya residents to stay at home. Taşdelen said, “All our citizens who are in need are there for everything.”

Emphasizing that they are in mobilization in every respect, Taşdelen also explained that disinfection works were carried out in places where citizens are frequented by taxi stops, pharmacies, ATMs, and muhtars, and there is no rent from the tradesmen who are tenants in the municipality.

Çankaya Municipality has also signed an application that will make the faces of the citizens who have to stay at home in this period laugh. The door-to-door distribution of 20 thousand violets produced by the municipality started.

Headlines from Taşdelen’s comments are as follows:

* After the outbreak alarm, we established teams with competent staff. We have started the cleaning and disinfection works of the city centers such as Kızılay, Tunalı, Bahçelievler and the big streets and streets. We carried out an extensive hygiene study by using 40 tons of special disinfectants consisting of active surface cleaning products with antiviral properties that destroy microbes and viruses in the intensive use areas of our citizens. Starting from our city hall; With schools, parks, 502 pharmacies, 49 Family Health Centers, 55 taxi stops, hundreds of taxis, 72 muhtars, 18 public institutions, bus stops, subway entrances, ATMs and market baskets, we have done a very intensive disinfecting work.

* We started the distribution of 20 thousand violets that we produced in our own greenhouse to give morale to our citizens who stay at home and to make them happy and be happy.

* We work in cooperation with the relevant institutions and organizations of the state, especially the Çankaya District Governorship.

* As the municipality that opens and operates the most nursery in our country, we will not charge any of our parents during the holiday period. As long as the tenant in the municipality is closed from the shopkeepers, we will not receive any rent

* To prevent the spread of the epidemic, we quickly closed our social and cultural venues and canceled all events. Cultural centers, children’s houses, swimming pools were closed for use.

* Strict measures were taken in the town hall. Single door application started at the entrance and exit. A ban on visitors was brought from outside. The fever of our incoming citizens was measured and taken to the municipality. Cargo companies also prevented entry to the building. The personnel were obliged to use masks and gloves in units in contact with the citizens.