Turkey : Scientific Committee member Dr. Black: HIV and malaria drugs weaken the virus

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Ateş Kara stated that supportive therapy is applied to patients with corona virus, “We know that some HIV drugs and some malaria drugs are somewhat effective. We know that they do work and weaken the virus, even if it is not directly effective 100 percent. Currently, these drugs were delivered to these two patients and their use started. This is an advantage for us. ”

Professor Dr. Fire Black

Professor of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine and Member of Science Committee. Dr. Fire Land, Health Minister Fahrettin husband, recalling that in the second corona virus explain the case to Turkey, “Health Minister Fahrettin she learned from her husband’s explanation that this case is the first new cases of contact, is that considered together with it. When we detected the first case, we thought about “Who might have gotten this person?” And identified a group of contacts. This virus also appeared among those contacts. This is an advantage for us. Because we knew that these people were in contact with the patient, we put them in quarantine and kept them under surveillance for 14 days alone. This event also developed during this monitoring period. In that respect, it is unlikely that he would infect another person or spread it to others. This is an advantage for us. ”


Professor Dr. Stating that the virus has spread more effectively abroad and especially in the European region, Kara said, “In European countries, the number of cases is increasing very rapidly and the virus is circulating on the street. In other words, if he came from that region within 14 days, there is a possibility that one of our citizens could potentially have the virus. At this point, the state has nothing to do. Because we have passed to a time when our people can take individual measures. Therefore, our request from citizens is to try to stay at home for 14 days, especially if we are from regions where there is a possibility of getting the virus, and let’s contact as few people as possible while we stay at home. The lower the number, the lower the risk. If possible, let’s not talk to people with diabetes and heart disease, at the age of 60 or older, where the disease has a particularly high mortality risk. Because the disease is generally passed on in young people; however, in the elderly group, it can be passed so heavy that it is necessary to wear an oxygen mask to be hospitalized and breathe. And in such a situation, it can be fatal. ”


Professor Dr. Kara also said the following regarding the treatment method applied to patients with corona virus:

“First of all, we provide oxygen support, fluid support or machine support to the heart and lungs, which we generally call“ support therapy ”. These are supportive treatments. Direct treatments are being carried out to eliminate the virus. However, the treatment that catches, kills or stops the virus has not been shown for today. But we know that some HIV drugs and some malaria drugs are somewhat effective. We know that they do work and weaken the virus, even if it is not directly effective 100 percent. This provides a great advantage for us. Our `little öteleyel Virus, virus is now how we get to this point where we were so well avantajdır’ Turkey. We saw that there were such drugs by China trying and trying and highlighting a few drugs, and as soon as we saw these drugs, we made a proposal to the ministry as the Scientific Committee. It was bought drugs in Turkey and it’s ready. Currently, these drugs have been delivered to these 2 patients and their use has begun. ”


Professor Dr. Kara said about the condition of 2 corona virus patients and said, “I know that the patients are not very serious. But it can progress and become heavier. If we are young, we don’t expect it to get heavy; but if he is over 55-60 years old, then the disease can get serious. In this regard, we wish our patients to be healthy as soon as possible. ”


Turkey saying that in case of a high probability of increasing Prof. Dr. Kara said, “But there is no need to be afraid of this. Because when the numbers go abroad, especially in Europe, there is a possibility that this situation will occur in people coming from there. Since we do not have the chance to close the whole of Europe and the world to ourselves, we have to think that there will be a risk for those coming from those regions. For this reason, we first question the entries, we scan the person. If we feel that the risk is high, those people are examined, and if fever is detected, we send it to the isolation if necessary. But maybe that person contacted that virus 1 day ago, he has no findings, he is not aware of himself, but he entered the country. That’s why we say please stay in your home if you came from the country where the virus might be. Because, it is not possible for the state to identify these individuals one by one from this time on. But the first thing we have to do as a citizen duty is to limit ourselves, to be careful. ” DHA