Turkey : Scientific Committee Member Tevfik Özlü: This virus will not leave us

Scientific Committee Member Dr. Tevfik Özlü made warnings before the normalization process that will start on June 1st. Özlü, in his statement on his Youtube account, pointed out that the normalization process has started all over the world, and that everyone should follow the rules of hygiene, mask and distance to increase the number of cases and prevent the epidemic to start again.


Özlü said:

* Normalization process will accelerate as of June 1. Everyone has a concern; ‘Will the epidemic return to the head? Do our number of cases increase? ‘ He said.

* You are right to worry. Anxiety is useful because anxiety leads us to take action. We have to do normalization, but in doing so we have to follow the rules.

In fact, what we call the rule is very simple. Simple as anyone can do from 7 to 70. Mask, distance and hygiene. Everyone should apply this. Just my application is not enough. I, you, he, we, you, they…

* We should all apply them together so that they are effective. We will also apply it ourselves, and if we do not, we will warn them gently. People, institutions, institutions, businesses, shops that implement this will prefer them.

* We will try not to buy goods and services from businesses, stores, shops that do not apply, disregard, or abide by the rules. We will warn their managers.

* We will make scoring about these businesses about whether they follow the rules so that we can contribute to the healing process and create social sensitivity.


Stating that it is a must to start the normalization process, Özlü continued his words as follows:

* Not only we have to do the whole world. They are already doing it. This normalization process started not only in us but in the whole world. Because this virus doesn’t leave us, it won’t.

* We will live with this virus. Otherwise, we will not stay at home for months and years. But while doing this, we will not give the virus an opportunity again. We will not start the outbreak again. This is possible.

* We do not stop using it, just as we burn from the fire, how we use a thick glove or tong to hold something hot. Likewise, despite the virus, we can do every job by protecting with mask, distance and hygiene.

* We can return to any normal life, provided that these rules are followed. You are right to worry, but if this concern takes us to take action, it will perform a useful task. We will all get used to the new normal. (PHOENIX)

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