Turkey : Scissor car caused accident: 3 injured

The accident occurred at 22.30 at night on the TEM access road in Esenyurt.

According to the claim, the 34 GA 1858 license plate car that slid in the direction of TEM Connection Road Beylikdüzü and whose driver’s name could not be learned, hit the 34 EY 0924 license plate car and 34 HM 6224 license plate vehicle going in the same direction.

With the impact of the impact, the vehicles were hit by the barriers, while 3 people in the vehicles were injured.

On the one hand, passers-by drivers were running to help, and on the other hand, they informed the fire brigade, police and health teams.

The medical teams coming to the scene made the first intervention to the injured and brought them to the nearest hospitals.

Meanwhile, police teams were observed to take security measures in the environment.

Short-term traffic occurred due to the accident.

Vehicles involved in the accident were removed from their location with the help of tractors.

Municipal teams also made cleaning work on the road.

Investigation into the accident continues. DHA

Snow fun is over at the hospital!Snow fun is over at the hospital!