Turkey : Secret curtain opened in the death of the 8-year-old Muhammed who was tortured

The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 22 in Basaran District in the Cinar district. When the Dümez Family realized that their children, Muhammed Veli, had disappeared, they started to search.

In the search made with the participation of the people of the neighborhood, Muhammed Veli was found seriously injured in an abandoned house.

Mohammed Veli, who was taken to Bismil State Hospital by his relatives, was put into treatment. However, despite the efforts of the doctors, he could not be saved and died.


A special team was assigned as part of the investigation launched by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the death of Mohammed.

The special team investigating the death of Muhammad reached new findings. In the investigation, it was determined that the face of Muhammad, his body, various parts of his body and his throat were cut.

DNA samples were found between her nails at autopsy. Samples were sent to the criminal laboratory for comparison.

3 people were taken into custody

A search was made in some houses and workplaces related to the murder, and many people were also referred to. 3 people, including Muhammed Veli Dümez’s uncle and aunt, were detained and released on the condition of judicial control in the court where they were taken.

Studies continue to find murderers or murderers in the investigation conducted by the gendarmerie and a special team was formed. DHA

Flash development in torture to the 9-year-old!Flash development in torture to the 9-year-old!