Turkey : Sivas officially froze: Minus 21

Cold weather, which has been active in Sivas for days, fell to minus 21 degrees in the middle of the night. Life was almost frozen, the streets were completely empty. Citizens who did not want their vehicles to be covered with ice tried to take measures by closing the windows with blankets and cartons.

Citizens who wanted to show how effective cold weather was, tested by sprinkling hot water into the air. It was observed that the water sprinkled in the air fell to the ground as ice particles. Citizens who had to work in cold weather warmed up in the fire they burned. Sivas municipality teams carried the snow masses out of the city center by trucks to transform the snow masses accumulated on the roadsides into ice with the effect of cold weather.

Stating that he sprinkled hot water into the air to try the images he saw in the documentaries, Yunus Yıldız said, “There were movements that we watched in documentaries all the time. We saw that the water was thrown into the air and frosting at that moment. I wanted to try it too. The reason for this is the air temperature minus 21 degrees in the area we are in now. There’s a tremendous cold. He wanted to try it in this cold and we did. We saw that the water we put into the air falls to the ground as an ice grain. The cold disaster is not about to stop, ”he said. IHA