Turkey : ‘Sleep for 7 hours, do not touch your face, do not shake hands’

World-renowned cardiac surgeon Doctor Mehmet Öz explained the precautions that can be taken against the Corona virus epidemic in a video he published. Saying that there is no need for panic, Öz said that simple measures can be protected from the virus. Saying that most cases are not severe, Mehmet Öz said, “Those who are at the highest risk are elderly people. Those with crown diseases such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease are also at risk of developing a serious infection. ”

Mehmet Oz


Doctor Mehmet Öz listed the virus measures as follows: “Adequate sleep, regular exercise, moisten the air you breathe, do not shake hands, do not touch your face. 7 hours of night sleep, meditation to support the immune system, and exercise every half an hour every other day. ”

Concerning the strengthening of the immune system, which is also stimulated by the World Health Organization, Öz suggested to have a flu vaccine, take vitamin D3 and consume vegetables and fruits.