Turkey : Social media reacted strongly to these images!

Tents were set up in Elazig for the citizens who could not enter their homes after the 6.8 magnitude earthquake and were left outside in the cold weather.

CNN Turkish reporter Ferit Demir, who got into one of these tents, said to the earthquake victims, “Are you not happy? The stove is on fire. Are you not happy right now? “Asked questions.

Demir’s presentation drew very harsh reaction from social media. After the reaction, Demir responded to the criticism via Twitter.


The statement of Demir is as follows;

* 1- I was lynched after a question I asked everybody wrote their own comments, insulted. Whatever I say, everyone will write what you know, but I will write my opinion with only one tivit, the rest is up to you.

* I have been following the situation in the earthquake zone for 2- 20 hours. I’m no one man. The citizen was in the freezing weather yesterday and was staying in the hot tent today. I would like to say, “If your citizens are in such a situation, what would happen if those citizens were saying that unhappy no one is taking care of us?”

* 3-I said I was happy, I did not know the answer of the citizen. I was lynched, if they said they were unhappy, I would get lynch again. I asked with a journalistic reflex.

* 4- If I was a journalist intending to be a pro or someone, my mother would refuse me from adoption. As a result, as a journalist whose yellow press card was canceled, I did not ask to ask that question. That’s all I’m going to write.