Turkey : Spring campaign from Opel – Sözcü Newspaper

The legendary model of Opel is the sixth generation Corsa; It can be purchased with 0.99% credit options regardless of maturity and amount. The new Opel Corsa, with four different trim levels, attracted great attention with its eight-speed automatic transmission, IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights, modern driving assistance systems and a completely refurbished design, making a rapid entry into the market.

Automotive campaigns in MarchAutomotive campaigns in March

With its renewed engine and transmission options, the Astra HB model also winks to Astra fans with launch-specific campaigns. It is possible to have an ambitious diesel automatic engine transmission combination in its segment with 120.000 TL for 20 months with 0.49% interest option.

When the financing campaign is not preferred, campaign prices starting from 158.400 TL are offered during the launch period.

German automaker; presents its flagship Insignia for sale in March, for 120,000 TL, with a 20-month interest rate of 0.49%. With the IntelliLux LED Matrix Headlights, the Insignia Excellence model with superior illumination can be purchased from 249,900 TL.

Combo model is offered to customers with a starting price of 124,900 TL, special for March. Opel Combo continues its claim in the segment with discounts up to 6,700 TL. In addition, there is a 90,000 TL, 20 Months, 0.49% interest rate loan option for Opel Combo and up to 100% of the vehicle amount with the privilege of PSA Finans.

Crossland X, one of Opel’s SUV models, is offered for sale starting from 159.900TL and 90.000TL for 20 months with a loan option of 0.49%. Opel offers an ambitious financing in Grandland X SUV model with prices starting from 194.900TL and a loan option of 90.000TL, 20 months, 0.49% interest.