Turkey : Starbucks won’t pour coffee in personal cups

Starbucks made another radical decision, delaying some company meetings in Canada and the USA due to the effects of the corona virus.

According to the news in CNN; Coffee will not be served to those who go to Starbucks stores with a personal cup until a second arrangement.

With an arrangement made in 2010, Starbucks called its customers to come to the stores with their own cups and thermos to prevent the consumption of cardboard glasses.

When the Corona virus wave first appeared, it decided to close half of the Starbucks stores, which had nearly 4 thousand stores in China.

In a written statement by Rossann Williams, Vice President of Starbucks, “We are stopping our practice of putting coffee in personal cups. We will continue to make 10 percent discount for those who come with their personal cups. ”

Virus decision from Starbucks: 2 thousand branches closedVirus decision from Starbucks: 2 thousand branches closed