Turkey : Striking statement from Minister Soylu: This is just the beginning

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu evaluated the latest developments on the border with Greece at a press conference.

Highlights from Soylu’s comments:

* If they said that we would encounter such a painting in the 21st century, we would say “you are joking”. This event led to an understanding of a matter; masks fell. It turns out how cruel the supposed human speeches were.

* Do you know how many foreigners are in the country of Micotakis? There are a total of 115 thousand foreigners, who received their money 10 times. 40 of them are on the islands, 70 of them are on the mainland of Greece. We have 4 million refugees. When a person says a word, he looks at the neck first.

* They violated the entire Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the EU’s processes on migration and refugees. They violated it many times, they still continue to violate it.

* Our Special Operations officers started to work. We responded to the pushes made from the other side last night by ‘blocking’ – we call it safe blocking. We did not allow them to push. The most basic right is asylum. This is the first rule of human rights. No state has the right to eliminate this.

* This is just the beginning, see what happens next. The previous ones are nothing. See what happens next.

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Over 200 kilometers we have a border with Greece, which is keeping Meriç its line. Unfortunately, this year the air has gone dry in the Balkans. Water dropped to 40-45 centimeters. You can pass with this foot. Miçotakis does not have the ability to keep the limits.