Turkey : Tender to supply Rize-Artvin Airport – Sözcü Newspaper

Refueling means completion. Who knows, in the country “It will cost as much” many public tenders, where drums were played, “supply” With their auctions, it could be over many times over.

Politicians who love to lay the foundations, speech speeches, and to put a nationalism sauce on the construction works, quickly leave the scene when it comes to replenishment tenders. Because replenishment tender means a hole in the budget, moreover, lack of business. That; these are the jobs that need to be accounted for.


The tender was made three years ago, and its foundation was laid by Rize-Artvin Airport, by President Erdoğan. “supply” He joined his caravan.

In the beginning of 2017, Cengiz-Aga Energy partnership made the lowest bid in the first tender with 1 billion 78 million 434 thousand TL. That period “Who Is This Aga Energy” We wrote that the company we asked under the title does not even have an internet site, but the owners of the Bayburt Group are the identity and displacement of an old company, although it does not officially appear in the body. In the latest news, it was announced that more than 50 percent of the airport was completed.


Rize-Artvin Airport runway is built with sea filling. It was announced that 88.5 million tons of stone will be used in an area of ​​266 hectares, and 120 thousand tons of filling is made daily.

Obviously 1 billion 78 million TL tender price was not sufficient for these scales. The supply tender was held in November last year, whether the costs were wrong from the beginning, the discounts were not given correctly, or the problems related to the companies’ financial balance sheets. 21 / b method was preferred in the tender held on 8 November 2019. It is a secret that everyone knows who will get the tender in advance in this non-smoking method where the bargaining method is used for extraordinary situations.

Cengiz, who carried out the original tender with Aga Energy, undertook the tender with ASL İnşaat this time. The company that we started to see the name of the first term AKP deputy Abdülkadir Kart in many major construction and infrastructure tenders.

IMPRESSIVE (!) DISCOUNT: 7.30 percent

The approximate cost of this tender is 682 million 293 thousand 367 TL. Cengiz-ASL received this supply tender with a bid of 632 million 497 thousand 233 TL. As you can see, a super discount of 7.30 percent.

The cost of Rize-Artvin Airport, which is said to end up to 1 billion TL, has increased to 1 billion 632.5 million TL for now.

Istanbul Financial Center

A replenishment to the financial center

Last in the last two months of the year, too many “supply” auction was made. I will write as you clarify. A tender was held in 21 / b procedure and at the same time “supply” in other words, who will win “Administration”It is not wrong to say that you knew beforehand.

Emlak Konut A.Ş. has also made a supply tender for the Istanbul International Financial Center. The approximate cost of this auction on December 9, 2019 has been determined as 658 million 992 thousand 247 TL. Yapı ve Yapı A.Ş., whose business was 629 million 870 thousand TL. He has undertaken. The discount rate here is also great for the public: 4.42 percent.

Yapi ve Yapi also bought the Garden of Nationality in Ankara with 21 / b method.

Dream sellers and Kazbank

“Crowdfunding” The law proposal, which introduced new arrangements in the known financing method, witnessed fierce debates in the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission. Channel Istanbul possibility HDPE Diyarbakır deputy outside Garo Shares of many in Turkey “Selling dreams” He warned that he was a citizen.

Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu

Commission members requested information from the Chairman of the Capital Markets Board, Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu. The Chairman of the Capital Markets Board explained that there is no crowdfunding platform yet, and gave the example of Kazbank: “We learned that a firm in Kırşehir started to collect money by making a maximum of a thousand partners, 350 of them being A qualified partners and the rest of them as a B partners. We have filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office with the authority given to us by the law, we asked the court to take a measure, our decision regarding this measure came out this week, about the issue of measures. The owner of the company came in this process. Neler What can we do to do these operations in the registration of the Board ‘ He said. He started his negotiations. We put precautions on the money collected there. ”

The Chairman of the Capital Markets Board stressed that, together with collecting money, those who mediate and give permission should be jointly responsible.