Turkey : Tesla will continue to cut down trees in Germany! – Sözcü Newspaper

Tesla spokesperson Kathrin Schira said in a statement, “Tree cutting is progressing regularly and environmentalists who follow the process closely do not have a middle.”

It was announced in November that the brand will establish a factory in Gruenheide, Germany, and employ 12,000 people. The brand, which has taken action for this, wants to establish the facility until 2021 and start production. However, German and European environmentalists want to make a check to determine whether rare species in this region will be compromised and act accordingly, and even cut down the tree cutting until this situation ends.

The German court officially rejected the activist group’s call for the urgent cessation of the tree cut, related to the “clearing of the area” movement, which was stopped in February.

Lawmakers from Germany’s Christian Democrats and Free Democrats have warned that the legal war against factory establishment will harm the image of the country, a place of business.

Tesla is also said to have agreed with the government to plant trees in a different area in exchange for the trees cut in the region designated to establish a factory.