Turkey : The Afghan girl, who was subjected to violence from the Greek soldier, told about the horror she experienced!

The conditions of immigrants waiting to move to Greece are getting harder day by day. Having difficulties in finding food with cold weather and rain, immigrants continue their expectations with the hope of opening the doors as soon as possible.

8 month old baby and the eldest 15 years old with 4 children Alizade came three days before the Istanbul family, after taking their money and clothes on them captured in Greece after they were forcibly returned to Turkey late.

The Turkish-speaking daughters of the family, who were subjected to harsh intervention by Greek soldiers, Sarah Alizade talked about the difficult days they lived.


Sarah Alizade stated that they had a hard time waiting in the rain with their 8 month old brother and said, “We have been outside for 3 days. So hard. We crossed across first. Then they took our money and clothes. They sent it back. We have neither money nor food, right now. “


Rıza Alizade, the eldest child of the Afghan family, stated that their expectations were very difficult and used the following statements;

* Our wait is very difficult. We have been living here for three days, but the more we live, the more we live. If the Turks did not help, we would starve.

* They distributed hot soup and bread God bless all of them. Our superior got wet, my mother got sick. My heart says it hurts. We have to go as soon as possible. We don’t have to wait any longer.


The Alizade family, who crossed the border with their own means but returned after the harsh intervention they encountered, stated that they would continue their expectations. Rıza Alizade used the following statements;

* We crossed the border somehow and went to Greece, but they treated us very badly. We walked for 3 hours to get there.

* When they went they talked to us very badly. They took everything and sent us back. They took our phones, our money, our clothes with us. So it was very difficult.

* They threw gas bombs, we were breathless. They fired at us. We were so scared. They beat my father a lot. His leg has become very bad now. It will be even worse if it is not helped. DHA

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