Turkey : The car hit the endangered tiger!

The Amur tiger jumped in front of a car, which is moving midnight near the village of Gogolevka in the Primorsky region of Russia, whose population is known to be between 580 and 600 in the world.

After the crash, the driver of the vehicle pulled his car to the side of the road and shot the tiger with his phone. After the incident, the driver called the police and explained the situation.

The police and experts who went to the scene took the tiger’s dead body to an animal center to investigate.

It was announced that the tiger was previously 4-5 months old while it was learned that Russian experts had a chip installed and followed by GPS system.

While initiating an investigation into the accident, he was released after receiving the statement of the driver who hit the tiger with his vehicle. It was learned that the endangered and red list Amur tiger will be examined by university students and used in education. (IHA)

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