Turkey : The claim of Corona virus in Adana was unfounded!

On social media, the allegation that the Adana city hospital emergency room was closed and that a Chinese carrying Corona virus was under surveillance caused panic.

Speaking to SÖZCÜ on the subject, CHP Adana MP Burhanettin Bulut stated that the claim was unfounded and said:

“After a meeting with the authorities, it was stated that the Chinese virus was not observed in a Chinese person who was kept under surveillance at the Adana City Hospital for suspicion of Corona Virus. It was announced that there was a routine Chinese in the hospital, but there was no virus related detection. There is no risky situation for now. The Chinese national will be detained for two more days. My important request from our citizens is that they do not believe in unconfirmed information circulating on social media. ”

Corona virus suspected in Istanbul! Explanation from the chief physicianCorona virus suspected in Istanbul! Explanation from the chief physician