Turkey : The doctor’s test in Eskişehir turned out to be negative!

The corona virus of Jalen Yılmaz, who has been a doctor in various hospitals in Eskişehir for 28 years and a doctor of Eskişehirspor Club for a while, was negative.


The test result of Doctor Jalen Yılmaz, who went to the hospital thinking that he might have a Corona virus and was quarantined at Eskişehir City Hospital, was determined.

Yilmaz, who warned citizens from social media against the Corona virus, shared the test result on social media. Doctor Jalen Yılmaz, who stated that he was not interested in the hospital with his shares in social media, reacted to the authorities of the Health Directorate and the hospital officials.


Yılmaz expressed his reactions through social media after the announcement of the test result.

Stating that the result was declared negative, Yılmaz said:

* It was reported as negative half an hour after my social media posts. Manidar, ironic. Apparently, I was discharged without any medication and rest as a patient. Wow become a city hospital, wow become a citizen. The result was reported as negative immediately after my publication. I called my doctor, ‘the chief doctor said,’ he said. I called the chief physician, ‘said the Deputy Director of Provincial Health,’ he said.

* I called the Provincial Director of Health and he said, ‘Your doctor knows’ again. I worked as a manager in Eskişehirspor. I watched European cups for years. I have not seen the ball defrauded this much. Pes pes pes so ”.

The 28-year-old doctor was quarantined for suspected Corona virus!The 28-year-old doctor was quarantined for suspected Corona virus!