Turkey : The hookah they drank was the end of the young couple!

The incident occurred in the Harbiye District of the central Defne district in the evening. Feryat and Atra Alvanoğlu couple fell asleep after allegedly drinking a hookah at home.

The relatives who did not reach Alvanoğlu couple by phone wanted to come to their homes and check their situation. After the couple did not open the knock door, their relatives reported the situation to the police.


The police, who entered the house with the help of a locksmith, found the Alvanoğlu couple lying motionless. It was determined that the couple lost their lives in the control made by the medical team called to the scene.


After the couple’s death news, relatives who had a nervous breakdown were intervened in the ambulance at the scene. In the first examination conducted by the police at the scene, it was determined that the Alvanoğlu couple died from poisoning from carbon monoxide gas emitted from hookah coal while they fell asleep.

15 people at once! They poisoned from the stove15 people at once! They poisoned from the stove

The lifeless body of the couple was removed to the morgue of Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Research Hospital. The exact cause of death of the Alvanoğlu couple will be determined after the autopsy. DHA