Turkey : The miners who could not get their salaries left the job: “Will the authorities come when he dies!”

In the village of Güneyyurt in the Ermenek district of Karaman, nearly 100 miners who worked in a private coal quarry took action because they could not receive their salaries.


Coal mine workers, who said they had not been paid since August, asked for their wages to be paid as soon as possible.

The striking workers said, “Although it has been a long time since the mine disaster, no official has taken steps to improve the working conditions here. Due to our unpaid wages for months, all of our families and children are victimized. We reacted to the employer, saying that we want to bring bread to our house, will it be a great disaster, or will the authorities come when someone dies? ”.

Mayor of Güneyyurt Ahmet Arı, who visited the workers who left the job, together with MHP Ermenek District President Ali Demir, said that they would convey the matter to the necessary authorities by listening to the workers.

Dismissed mining workers set fire and took action!Dismissed mining workers set fire and took action!

“Our negotiations continue for the payment of salaries”

Mayor of Güneyyurt Arı, who said, “We are continuing our negotiations to fix the problem as soon as possible and pay the salaries,” said “Most of the people working in the mine are our fellow countrymen living in our town of Güneyyurt. They experience victimization because they have not been paid for a long time. These fellow countrymen are not able to meet their household needs, but they are also in trouble because of their pending debts. ”