Turkey : The moments of demolition of 2 buildings where 11 people died in Elazig are on cameras

In the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Friday evening, 24 January, 11 people died in the 5-storey Aykent and Kalay apartments in the Mustafapaşa District Tahir Şaşmaz Street, and 13 people were rescued by working against the time.

In Elazig, where the 6.8 earthquake caused destruction, the moment of demolition of two buildings was reflected on the cameras. Photo: UAV

The security camera of the workplace of Selahattin Çetin, located on the lower floor of another apartment building between those two buildings, recorded the earthquake moment and dust clouds formed by the demolition of the buildings for seconds.

In those images, a vehicle passing through the street got back into gear at the last minute and got rid of being under the wreckage, and an elderly couple threw himself into the street among the clouds of dust. Also, panic escapes at work and not knowing what to do were reflected anbean.

It was seen that the people who threw themselves out of the buildings with the earthquake escaped with panic. Photo: UAV

While it was clear with the camera recordings that the two buildings were demolished approximately 1 minute apart, it was noteworthy that the car in the middle that did not go forward or backward but survived the event cheaply. (IHA)