Turkey : The most tragic image in the Corona virus! Separated the 60-year-old couple like this

The corona virus, which spread rapidly after emerging in Wuhan, China, has killed more than 3,000 people worldwide. While agencies are reporting tens of news about the virus that is seen in a new country every day, there are many drama behind the shared figures.

The nursing home was quarantined 1 week ago.

One of those images was unveiled in Washington, USA. Corona virus alarm was given about a week ago in a nursing home in Kirkland. While the ‘Life Care Center of Kirkland’ was quarantined, the entrance and exit of the residents were banned.


According to the news in The Sun, nine of those who remained in the nursing home died due to the virus. After the events, a married couple of 60 years separated the corona virus while still alive.

Charlie showed off his phone what he wanted to say to his father.

Dorothy Campbell, 88, started to go to the nursing home every day to see her 99-year-old husband Gene Campbell, who was inside due to quarantine.

Dorothy Campbell left the nursing home after seeing her husband.

In the photos taken by Reuters, the couple’s efforts to communicate despite the glass between them can be seen. After Dorothy and Gene looked at each other for a long time, their son, Charlie, wrote on the phone what he wanted to say to the man in quarantine and showed through the glass.

The real cause of the Corona virus outbreak was found!The real cause of the Corona virus outbreak was found!