Turkey : The price of the valentine gift 4.700 TL

Especially on Valentine’s Day, where diamond and jewelery shopping comes to the fore, while the average expenditures in this area reach up to 4,700 TL, the shopping concentrates in the last 4 days despite the campaign calendar that started at the beginning of February.

Zen Pırlanta Chairman Emil Güzeliş said, “Turkish people mostly leave their shopping to the last day. Therefore, there is excessive density in stores. On Valentine’s Day, spending increases by 10 percent. In normal period 4,200 worth of jewelry sales average is 4.700 TL in Turkey, this figure can go, “he said.


Stating that especially diamond sales started to spread on special occasions, Güzeliş stated that diamond was also a prominent gift during religious holidays and university graduations. “70 percent choose classic products. Guzelis said that women have a single stone ring first, followed by five stones, a full turn and three stones. ”

The epidemic served the industry

Turkey has made $ 3 billion to tuist jewelry sale forefront Güzeliş attention, “planned in March because of coronavirus was canceled largest jewelry fair in Hong Kong. He will flock to the fair in Istanbul in March. ”