Turkey : ‘The priority of the people is not the garden of the nation but the factory’

Turkey Grand National Assembly, which is pending ‘Product Safety and Technical Regulations Act regarding the general’s proposal, the CHP group speaking on behalf of Alexis’s stressed they could not give a meaning to the continuation of the enactment process together to attend the general’s bid for 7 years. Speaking about the Public Procurement Law in his speech, Şevkin stated that since 2003, every issue that could come to mind from the national gardens to the airport, bridges, underpasses and minds is included in the scope of disaster.


Şevkin said that 11 contractors were awarded 316 bids “closed area” behind closed doors with a bargaining procedure of 46 billion 545 million liras.

Müzeyyen Şevkin

“We all need to put his hat in front of him and think. Is it right to use this disaster related item only in works such as airport construction, underpass construction? If you have a questionnaire among the AKP voters, if you ask “Is your priority being the gardens or the production areas or factories that will produce your business for your children”, I believe that they will say “factories and production areas”. The main task of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, is constructed on the human cherish. So, let’s enact laws to protect the environment and people. We are all responsible for people who will lose their lives in earthquakes and disasters in the future. ”