Turkey : There is 60 percent illegal building in Bursa

Reminding that there are 5.8 earthquakes in the Marmara Sea, 5.4 in Manisa Akhisar and 6.8 in Yozgat, Engin Er, Chairman of the South Marmara Branch, said, “None of these have increased or decreased the risk of Bursa. There is no decrease in the risk of Bursa. The North-Anatolian Fault line is busy, alive and alive. With the earthquake in Elazig and Malatya, he showed once again that the East-Anatolian Fault line was alive and alive. ”


“When we look at historical earthquakes, we see that when all segments are evaluated on the East-Anatolian Fault line for about 150 years, there is no big earthquake,” said Er.

* “But after 150 years, there are such earthquakes. There are 7 and 7.5 earthquakes on the East-Anatolian Fault line. We know that there are earthquakes around ?skenderun. But we know that the North-Anatolian Fault line is more active than this.

* Because there is an annual movement of 25 millimeters towards South-West, we know that there is an annual movement of 15 millimeters in diameter on the East-Anatolian Fault line. There is the potential to produce earthquakes with magnitude 7.5 on both faults in terms of producing earthquakes. We know this from historical records.



Located in the striking warning about the earthquake, “where we expect earthquakes in Turkey, we should look” to the explanation, saying continued:

* Where there is seismic gap, earthquake is expected there first. Elazig threw over stress-tension. But what he did carried the tension towards North-East or South-West. When we come to Bursa, when we look at the points where the energy that will affect Bursa will be discharged, we see 3 main fault lines.

* One is the Northern branch of the North-Anatolian Fault line. It is also called the Istanbul earthquake expected in Silivri offshore, but we really need to know it as the Marmara earthquake. A large earthquake is expected in the region, which has the potential to produce earthquakes of 7.5 magnitude off Silivri, and has similar activities in history.

* In this region, we see earthquakes in 1509 and 1766, previously called small disasters.


Italy and Austria feel the earthquake to live

“An earthquake that will occur here will affect all the settlements around the Marmara sea. Of course, he will be affected in Bursa. ”Engin Er, the Head of the South Marmara Branch of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, said:

* In other words, it will be felt as far as Italy and Austria in terms of hearing and feeling. Looking at historical earthquakes, there are records in which they are felt. The severity of the earthquake will be higher in alluvial floors in Bursa.

* There is a fault line that runs from the South of Iznik, Gemlik, Orhangazi, just north of Mudanya and Karacabey, which is called the middle branch of the North-Anatolian Fault line that concerns Bursa. he reminded us many times that he was alive.

* For example, there was an earthquake just above Mudanya. This has the potential to produce over 7 earthquakes and has been silent for many years. Bursa and surrounding districts are also affected by an earthquake that will occur here.


“We definitely need to approve 1/100 thousand plans in Bursa,” said Engin Er. “The fault law should be enacted. 1/1000 plans must be processed. Just as in California in America, as in Inegol-Surgeon, fault lines have to be entered in these plans. There is such an experience in the world ”.

'There is an earthquake storm in the region but it is not possible to affect Istanbul‘There is an earthquake storm in the region but it is not possible to affect Istanbul

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