Turkey : They stole earthquake measuring devices! – The latest news

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Engineering Faculty Geophysical Engineering Department Seismology Department placed an earthquake recording station consisting of measurement devices, battery and solar panels to record earthquakes in the region, in the Sarköy district of Tekirdağ.

The three recorders, batteries and solar panels of the station, which was buried in the semi-ground, were removed by playing.

Realizing that the devices with 3-4 months of earthquake data are not working, officials of Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Engineering Faculty reported the situation to the Şarköy District Gendarmerie Command.


The gendarmerie, following the signals of the GPS device on the stolen devices, determined that the stolen devices were in the house of S.K. in Yeniköy Mahallesi.

The external protection of an earthquake measuring device with a battery was found in the search made by S.K.

In detention, the gendarmerie teams were shown in the field and other earthquake measurement devices were found in the forest in the field and delivered to the authorities of the Cerrahpaşa Engineering Faculty of Istanbul University.


The gendarmerie also caught S.Y., who lives in the same neighborhood, where he determined that he helped S.K.

In their statements, the suspects suggested that they found the devices in the field that they did not steal.

Suspects sent to the courthouse after their investigation in the gendarmerie S.K. and S.Y., were arrested by the court where they were taken and placed in prison.

It was learned that the suspects stole earthquake devices to buy and sell batteries.


Şarköy Mayor Alpay Var stated that the incident was very bad and said:

* After the Elazig earthquake in our country, it has been extremely upsetting that our county of Şarköy came to such agenda.

* The stealing of the earthquake measuring device in Sofuköy District has upset us very much.

* However, it was found as a result of the successful work of our gendarmerie teams.

* We hope that such events never happen again. We want all our people to be sensitive.

* Earthquake is a fact of our country, but as a people, we have to be with earthquake scientists.

* I wish there would be no such events again, and I condemn those who do. DHA

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