Turkey : Tomatoes fell below 1 lira, the producer reacts

Turkey’s most important production centers cover the six vegetables in tomato prices in Antalya tomato producers reacted to fall below 1 lira. Complaining that they do not even cover the cost of tomato prices, the producers said, “We cannot sell the tomatoes, which cost more than 2 liras, for 1 lira. How will we continue production at this price? We expect support for us to sell our product worth. ”


Stating that 80 percent of the tomatoes produced in Antalya go to export, Gazipaşa Chamber of Agriculture President Yusuf Çelik said that the doors were closed due to the virus and that the export had come to an end.

Stating that the tomato, which could not be sent for export, remained in the domestic market, Çelik said,

“At the moment, prices are down from the excess of domestic goods. Tomato prices are placed above 1 lira, but below this price, it is sold well. Today, the cost of tomatoes is over 2 lira. The worst possibility is to sell over 2 lira in order not to harm the manufacturer. But when it happens, it happens to the farmer. There are farmers who are unable to pay their electricity right now. It is said that many business lines will be given credit until now, but there is no farmer’s name. Electricity, water money aid should be provided to the farmer, and loan and bank debts should be postponed without interest. ”


Stating that the product is at least the time of release, Kumluca Chamber of Agriculture Hidayet Kökce said, “In the case where the product comes out at least, tomatoes are sold for 50 cents in some places and 60 cents in other places. A safe that weighs 10-15 pounds is poured in tomato paste for 1 lira. Without tomato paste, it goes to the trash. The producer has a very serious problem. If you put a clerk in the greenhouse today, he would not be able to save his diary. Here, our expectation from our state is to help us with shipping and the market. Help came to all segments, but not to us as the agricultural sector. The cost of the tomato to the producer is over 2 pounds. If agriculture ends, people die from starvation, not virus. ”


Stating that the cost of the tomato is over 2 lira, the producer Kadir Taş (55) said that the farmer had to sell goods at a loss.

Stating that the sales prices of the producer are the same as those of 20 years ago, Taş said: “Our request from our government is to reduce the prices of diesel, fertilizer and Bağ-Kur to 20 years ago. Because the prices of tomatoes sold by the farmer are 20 years ago. The production of tomatoes is now over 2 lira. But we cannot even sell it for 1 lira. We are constantly hurting. Now the farmer, who will come somewhere, will have to withdraw from production. There is no promise to support farmers in any of the packages announced. Let the government hear the manufacturer’s voice. ”