Turkey : ‘Travel events’ response from Abdullah Gül to Minister Soylu!

Abdullah Gül made a statement about his interview with Gezi events on his social media account.

Gul used the following statements:

* In my interview with the decision newspaper, I see the deliberate distortion of the part related to the travel events as a very shame and ugliness.

* I present the relevant part of the interview exactly to the conscience of the public.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the AKP Political Academy Meeting held in Tunceli.

Soylu, who said in his speech, “I am sure that my name was Süleyman if we had not had a trip, we have reached the level of income per capita of 15 thousand dollars now,” also reacted to Abdullah Gül.

Describing Gul’s words as “a dagger stuck in me,” Soylu spoke as follows:

* Nobody Sorry, that day our president, as if that does not live in a Turkey where the events today promised to mention the release of the Interior Ministry, in this country as an individual, Solomon was stuck noble as such inside the knife.

* You will leave Tayyip Erdoğan alone, and you will make a deal with someone in front of Tayyip Erdoğan, and then you will come to this day and try to explain this nation as evil with all the opportunities provided by the state in your mansions.

* Shame on you. I say very clearly and do whatever you will do.

* This nation knows you too, and knows who has put this game into trouble.

* Be with America and Europe. Allah is a witness, Tayyip Erdoğan is with Allah and the nation.