Turkey : Turkey’s granary sad identified: There is not the possibility of making agriculture

Konya Chamber of Agriculture Provincial Coordination Board made evaluations regarding the latest situation in the agricultural sector with a press conference held in Meram Chamber of Agriculture.

In addition to Murat Yağız, Head of the Central Meram Chamber of Agriculture; Karatay Chamber of Agriculture President Rıfat Kavuneker and Altınekin Chamber of Agriculture Bekir Kağnıcıoğlu attended.

Speaking at the meeting on behalf of the representatives of farmers, Meram Chamber of Agriculture, Murat Yağız said that farmers were away from agriculture due to the increasing costs.

Photo: SÖZCÜ


Yağız said, “You know, we have been talking about the high energy costs on every platform for a long time.”

“It is a cost issue that has increased one hundred percent in the past year. It is not possible to farm and produce with energy prices. In agricultural production, electrical energy is used as agricultural input in greenhouses (heating, ventilation, humidification, cooling, lighting, automation), and in animal production. Energy prices are the leading problems faced by our producers in agricultural irrigation. In the period of January 2018-January 2020, price increases reached 108.2 percent. ”


Stating that the unit prices in electricity used in agriculture should be reduced in order to alleviate the input burden in agriculture and make production sustainable, Yağız said, “The 1% Energy Fund applied in electricity, 2% TRT share, 18% VAT should be removed. Electricity must be supported, and the continuation of purchasing electricity from the discounted tariff must be ensured. On the other hand, the supports that our manufacturers deserve are transferred to electricity companies for their debts. The application regarding the collection of electricity debts from supports should be removed as soon as possible. ”


Stating that the debts of farmers to banks and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives should be restructured with zero interest, Yağız said, “Our farmers have a serious debt burden from the loans used between 2015-2020. In terms of sustainable production and use of credit, the interest of the debts of this period should be erased and long-term restructuring should be made for the principal. ”